Our Services

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Lash Extensions

Classic, Hybrid, Fluffs, Volume

Classics - one lash per lash to add length to your natural lash.

Hybrid - 2-3 lashes per lash to add volume and length while still maintaining a natural look.

Fluffs - 2-3 lashes per lash that vary in curl and length to give a natural fluffy look.

Volume - 3 plus lashes per lash - the glamour lashes that create a dramatic look.

Fingers and Toes

Manicures and Pedicures

Choose from a range of services to make you feel pampered. Manicures to nail extensions, both in Gel and Acrylic forms are available.  I also specialize in unique nail designs either hand painted or by adding gems for some extra glamour.

Micropowdering - Ombre Brows

Brow Pigmentation

Nothing frames your face better than perfectly shaped brows. Micropowdering is a technique used to give you that perfect look semi-permanently.  Micropowdering aka Ombre brows is done using a tattoo techinique and will last up to 5years.  Book a consultation prior to service to discuss options etc.